Confessions of a Floss Licker

Monday, June 20, 2005

A little shopping...

I needed to go buy some supplies, specifically #1 gold Japan thread, and Saturday was the day to go. Besides, DD needed to get out of the house. So Saturday morning I get up and get DD up and get ready to go. We get to Elegant Stitch in Modesto and shop around. I ask for what I need (the Japan thread) and end up getting 2 spools. DD is shopping off the list for my secret stitcher. One of the charts she wants calls for Japan thread too so I thought I may as well pick it up while I was there - and it was in plentiful supply. So I got one spool of JT for me and one for my secret stitcher. I got a chart and some beads for my ss, and another chart and some fibers. Well, I had to make the trip worth it. Let's see 1/4 tank of gas (total trip) @ $2.30 a gallon for a 45 minute drive (each way) to get one spool of thread @ $1.39? I don't think so. Besides, I have a frequent buyer's card. Once you spend $200 there you get $20 in free stuff. Basically 10% off for being a loyal customer. Hey, I like to save money/get free stuff. So I finished off my current card (had about $12 or $14 left on it) and asked to start a new one and I'll get my free $20 the next time I go in.

Being a nice Mom I took DD to the mall and we got food and ice cream before we left.

Once I got home I started on the project that called for the JT and got that part finished quite quickly. So it's done! Happy dance! After that I couldn't settle on one project so I worked a little bit on Medieval Tiles, Castle, Futurecast, and "B". Not a whole lot got done on anything but at least I can say I've picked them up and worked on them.

Castle was frustrating. Apparently I didn't kit him up completely and have been working with less than the full complement of colors for some time now. So the question is, do I need to change this? I've been getting along so far. But it is frustrating this late in the game to not find a color. I've thought about putting them all on bobbins and putting them in the "project box" so I have everything together and know where it all is. But do I want to go through all that trouble? I do still have a bit of work to get him done, but doing all that organizing will take at least an hour or more and instead I could be stitching during that time. Guess I still need to put a little more thought into this. Which is going to have to wait. I can't seem to wrap my mind around more than one thing at a time lately and I've got to get ready for Faire and taking two kids with me. Also, DD has 2 softball games on consecutive nights this week and I need to go grocery shopping and get my truck fixed! Just shoot me now!